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4/21/2011 Dan Doane

Dan Doane  Hairy Hust

Dan wrote:

F&M Hobby Center,
This Model Monogram Hurst Hairy Olds, was purchased From your shop while on vacation from Scottsdale AZ
in 1999.
It was taken back to Scottsdale and completed in 2006 Winning a monthly plaque from my model club. 
Fast forward to 2011and another vaction from Scottsdale.
The Model was entered at the 25th annual NNL East in Wayne NJ on April 16th 2011 and then brought
back home to f&M hobbyCenter after the contest was over.
I am pleased to be able to bring the model full circle back to where this build began,
hopefully it will inspire many future builders.

8/18/11 Pat Amoresano

F & M Hobbies,


Don’t know if you remember, I was in you shop in June and pick up a KV1 A model tank. You mentioned to me that it was an old kit, the importer closed over 10 years or something like that. Well I finally finished it.

The box was not labeled correctly, it is a KV1 E. A lot of the parts had to be modified to be so that the tank would look correct. I used styrene, from your store, to make the necessary changes that were needed. The real tank had spacers between the body and the extra sheets of metal that were added to the hull.

I came in and exchanged spray paint and it worked out perfectly. Using hair spray, I was able make paint chipping. I used a Tamiya, green and brown spray cans for the body of the tank and used a brush and Testors paints for dry brushing. For the weathering, I used different types of Bragdonent powders mixed with rubbing alcohol.


Thanks again, I will be in the store soon to pick up a new one.

Pat Amoresano